Have you tried our world famous in NZ shorts yet? No one ever regretted a short with great pockets...

Frequently asked Qs

Are your products made in NZ?

Trust us, we tried. We spent over 6 months talking to fabric suppliers, garment makers, and other people in the know. We got mucked around, ghosted, and spent a lot of time getting told it'd be too expensive – when we were trying to give NZ businesses money!

Quite simply Aotearoa doesn’t have the machines or skills to make the gear we want. So we’ve chosen to partner with an experienced and reputable factory in Malaysia. They’ve been making sportswear for years, and they’re pretty damn good at it.

Are your tees and shorts unisex?

Yep! Our Ranger 01 tees have a flattering raglan and longline cut. The Foster 01 shorts are also perfect on guys and girls – so ladies, you can stop feeling the lack-of-pockets FOMO.

When will you make a (insert item here)?

Mate, we've got so many plans! We're currently working on a ladies' hooded fleece top, a seam-sealed jacket, and some other goodies we can't quite reveal yet. If you have a great idea please tell us, we'd love to hear about it :)

When can I expect to receive my package?

We're running Huntaway Run Co. while still working busy full-time jobs, so please bear with us as we try and get our small business up and going! We aim to ship twice weekly, and use Pass The Parcel for NZ orders, whereas overseas orders all travel via DHL. As soon as your parcel has been packed you'll receive a tracking code :)


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